In today’s world, civil security is of major importance. In protecting the public from threats such as terrorist attacks and in successfully identifying crimes, appropriate air support can be a decisive advantage.

Using various payloads, microdrones can be deployed in any situation. For example, with a laser scanner a comprehensive recording of the scene of a traffic accident can be made, which simplifies the drawing up of the accident report. Golbek Resources Limited can provide unmanned air surveillance for Government parastatal, corporations, private residence.

Because we understand that your needs are different, our technical consultants and foreign partners will assist in choice and specification tailored to meet our clients need



  • Selection of the best drone for your individual need/targeted application
  • Rigid wing, helicopter and Multikopter drones
  • i.d.R. no starting and runway necessarily
  • Pay loads from 400g to 50kg
  • typical pay loads are thermal image cameras, radar, all electrooptical and electronic
  • sensors of considerable manufacturers
  • wide area coverage of more than 500 km
  • surveillance of onshore and off shore drilling facilities and pipelines
  • Sample applications: official and civilian employments, Clearing-up, control and monitoring u.v.m.
  • maritime/ship-launched deployments possible
  • when desired we train your personnel or place qualified operating and maintenance staff, which had foreign experience and which ensures readiness of application also under demanding conditions; also as more project-related fill service Provider

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